MoNTUE北师美术馆:【《即溶生活 未来记忆的想像》】策展

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MoNTUE北师美术馆【《即溶生活 未来记忆的想像》】策展人培力@美术馆MoNTUE北师美术馆:【《即溶生活 未来记忆的想像》】策展MoNTUE北师美术馆:【《即溶生活 未来记忆的想像》】策展

    日期:2019-04-27 ~ 2019-06-23


    北师美术馆(台北市和平东路二段134号2F & 3F )

      2019.04.27 -2019.06.23

      此展为国艺会之「策展人培力@美术馆」专案,策展人王韩芳邀请台湾、香港、捷克八组艺术家:兹比涅克.巴拉德、周东彦、徐世琪、曲倩雯、施昀佑、吴宜晔、邓兆旻,及暗流体工作坊的集体创作(暗流体 X 凌天、林新惠、施昀佑、黄伟轩)共同展出。从记忆生理、生物工程至网路媒体与社群操作,我们即将进入人类的心灵智慧与身体可以被拆解到最小元素并进行转化工程的时代,此展期许在记忆的本质、人与数据、身体与机具的关係间,找出一个对于现今生存状态的理解与应变。

      Twenty-nine years have passed since the World Wide Web was invented in 1990. Information technology has long infiltrated our daily life, processing data about our lives and information exchange. Globalized communication and online systems have rewired our brain, submerging us in a sea of data created by humanity itself, a species that has in the recent decade nurtured a habit of staring at the smart phone. Almost three decades old, the digital world now pervades the everyday, allowing life details to transform and instantly dissolve. The birth of big data has changed people’s daily life. With the help of the Internet, personal information is constantly collected, used to predict as well as influence users’ objectives, thoughts, and behaviors, further maneuvering shifts in collective behavior. This exhibition attempts to make a straightforward hypothesis with the concept of memory, which is, regard digital information collected online as external memory. As such, memory, a mediation between human psyche and body, then inevitably began to experiment its process of reconfiguration and reassignment between varied information and memories as well as their carriers and physical body.

      This exhibition is the project of “Curator’s Incubator Program at Museum” supported by National Culture and Arts Foundation, for which the curator Wang Han-Fang has invited eight groups of artists from Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Czech Republic: Zbyněk Baladrán, Chou Tung-Yen, Vvzela Kook, Shih Yunyu, Angela Su, Wu I-Yeh, Teng Chao-Ming, and Collective Workshop Dark Fluid (Dark Fluid X Ling Tien, Lin Hsin-Hui, Huang Wei-Hsuan, Shih Yunyu). From neuroscience and biological engineering to the monopolisation of media and society, we are entering the time when human psyche and body could be disintegrated into the smallest module for transformation engineering. Facing such changes, the ultimate aim of this exhibition is to understand and respond to modern life through the scrutiny of the relationships between memory, humanity and data, the body and the device.

      参展艺术家 Artists
      兹比涅克.巴拉德 Zbyněk Baladrán
      周东彦 Chou Tung-Yen
      暗流体 X 凌天、林新惠、黄伟轩、施昀佑Dark Fluid X Ling Tien, Lin Hsin-Hui, Huang Wei-Hsuan, Shih
      曲倩雯 Vvzela Kook
      施昀佑 Shih Yunyu
      徐世琪 Angela Su
      邓兆旻 Teng Chao-Ming
      吴宜晔 Wu I-Yeh

      王韩芳 Wang Han-Fang

      主办 Organizers
      MoNTUE北师美术馆 Museum of National Taipei University of Education
      国家文化艺术基金会 National Culture and Arts Foundation

      赞助单位 Sponsor
      香港艺术发展局 Hong Kong Arts Development Council

      展览资讯 Exhibition Information
      展期Date 2019.04.27 Sat-2019.06.23 Sun
      地点Venue MoNTUE北师美术馆2F&3F
      地址Address台北市和平东路二段134号2F & 3F
      2F & 3F, No.134, Sec. 2, Heping E. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan
      开放时间 Opening Hours
      週二至週日Tue to Sun 10:00–18:00
      週一及国定例假日休馆Closed on Monday & National Holidays