MoNTUE 北师美术馆:【2019 MoNTUE作梦计画徵

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MoNTUE 北师美术馆【2019 MoNTUE作梦计画徵件|2019 Dreamin' MoNTUE Open Call】

2019 MoNTUE作梦计画徵件|2019 Dreamin' MoNTUE Open Call

MoNTUE 北师美术馆:【2019 MoNTUE作梦计画徵

    日期:2018-05-30 ~ 2018-07-31



      2019 MoNTUE作梦计画徵件|2019 Dreamin' MoNTUE Open Call
      作梦计画 19’ Dreamin' MoNTUE
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      1. 不限艺术创作媒材,即日起开始徵件
      2. 所有资料请于(星期二)前提出申请,以挂号邮递(邮戳为凭),若以专人(含快递)送件,请于开馆时间送达北师美术馆一楼柜台(106台北市大安区和平东路二段134号),并于信封明显处加注「2019 MoNTUE作梦计画」,恕不接受电子邮寄送件。(请至北师美术馆网站查询开馆时间)
      3. 缺件、逾时或未依规格準备申请资料者,恕不受理申请。
      4. 未录取者可于2018年12月底前预约亲自至北师美术馆领取申请资料,否则本馆将自行处理。

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      【关于 作梦计画】
      关于展览 --- 点我
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      关于展览 --- 点我
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      关于展览 ---点我
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      19’ Dreamin' MoNTUE

      1. To inspire more experimental and multidisciplinary artcreations, exploring the potentiality of the museum’s future.
      2. To intensify the connections between the museum, campus, community and city, realizing the true value of art education through exhibitions and educational activities.
      3. To encourage both local and foreign emerging artists andcurators to participate in this project, establishing a platform forthe international exchange of arts and culture.

      【How to Apply】
      1. There is no limit on mediums or forms.
      2. The application deadline for the open call is July 31, 2018(23:59:59 CCT). Kindly mail the application via registered mail, express delivery, or drop the application by person toMoNTUE北师美术馆 front reception at No.134, Sec. 2,Heping E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.). Postal submissions must be postmarked by June 30,2018; please clearly note “2019 Dreamin’ MoNTUE Open Call” onthe envelope, (the deadline is subject to the postmark of the mail). Submissions by e-mail are not accepted.
      3.Short of item, hand in overtime or not in accordance with specification will not be accepted.
      4.Unaccepted applicant will need to collect their portfolio by registered time be for December, 2018, otherwise the museum will deal with the application files.
      5.For any further questions, please contact us by email at or contact us during working hours at+886-227360316.

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